Bag filter for ball mill

Techflow Enterprises Pvt Ltd is one of the prominent and entrusted dealers of Air pollution control devices or products like Dust Collector, Bag filter for ball mill, Silo Vent filters, Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter, Dust Recovery systems, Air pollution control equipment, Off line cleaning bag filter, Fabric Filter, Pulse jet bag filter, Online cleaning bag filter, bag filter, Reverse air cleaned bag filter, De-dusting system, Pulse jet, Flue gas emission control system, Furnace fume extraction system, Baghouse, Electrostatic precipitator (ESP), Cassette type filter, Centrifugal fans and blowers, Welding fume extraction system and Pneumatic conveying system in India with multinational exports.

since 1980, Techflow has been one of the vastest manufacturers of Bag filter for ball mill. The objective of designing the Cartridge Type Filter and Bag filter for ball mill was to lessen and ease the spacing and achieve better equivalence to the Hose type bag filter. Bag filter for ball mill is worked in mid-range temperature applications wherein dust grains are drifting freely. Many de-dusting filtration mediums and Bag filters for ball mill are obtainable depending upon the requirements. In this system, time-defined pulses or concise air flows in the contrasting path of the primary airflow. Now, by momentary reverse via cleaning blast via ventury, the cartridge exterior is cleaned.

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Bag filter for ball mill


Bag filter for ball mill

In the Bag filter for ball mill, the degraded air streams through the cartridges. It stops the dust particles, assuring that only refreshed and dirt-free air stays in the surrounding environment. The Dust collector for ball mill has the convenience of small design and low space acquisition. This is the foremost reason that these systems are profoundly used in process of Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting, Pigments & Chemicals, Mineral Grinding, Ceramics, Polymers, Grinding & Polishing, Food Processing, Abrasive Manufacturing, Pneumatic conveying systems, Spices, Powder coating, Engineering workshops, Cattle Feed & Grain Handling, Welding & Cutting, and many more. Techflow offers a wide variety of Dust collectors for ball mill having a range between 1000 CuM/Hr to 1,00,000 CuM/Hr. These Dust collectors are available with different excesses and alternatives like surface filtration technology, discharge device, and a range of fabrics suitable for distinct applications.


1. Operating Principal (Online Cleaned)

Dust-filled air reaches the hopper where weightier molecules fall out of the air stream. The more molecules particles are trapped in the air stream and climb into the filter bags. As the air move through the filter bags, the dust particles are piled on the outside surface of the filter bags, and the cleansed air is drained through the collector. At separate intervals, jets of consolidated high-pressure air pass via venturis thru the pulse valve and blowpipes, generating an active flow of secondary air, briefly inverting the airflow through the bags. This produces an inner shock wave that strikes down to the end of the bag, causing the pressure on the bag and turning it outwards. This permits converted airflow to dislodge stockpiled dust on the outside of the bag where it drops into a collector called a hopper. With this procedure of cleansing, airflow through a row of bags is inverted for only a pinch of a second, resulting in steady airflow states throughout the Bag filter for ball mill. The cleaning procedure is controlled by an easily adapted solid-state timer. A Differential Force gauge permits optimum limitation of the timer. Pulse durations and pulse breaks can be simply and accurately set at the timer to minimize compressed air ingestion.

2. General Function of Bag filter for ball mill

For the neat release of flue gas emissions from dragging out particulate matter & control of SPM level Unit has been invented & manufactured as per combined pre conversation & technical contract on parameters like Dust loading, Existing & new bag cage sizes Air to cloth ratio, Can velocity, Inlets/ outlets, Heaters, Control system, etc.

Bag filter for ball mill Features :

  • Cartridge removal & interpolation from low height and frontal loading for ease of maintenance and operation.
  • Tougher parts guarantee continuous duty and operation.
  • Lower-Pressure Fall in comparison with Hose Bag Type Bag Filters.
  • Portable Design begins from 1000 CuM/Hr to 1,00,000 CuM/Hr.
  • Delivered in ready to begin conditions.
  • Smaller floor space is needed

Advantanges :

  • Compact Design

  • Lower Space Acquisition

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Bag filter for ball mill